Never Fear, And You Will Be Lucky

2021, 19:16, Color & BW
16mm film & digital

After I moved into an African-American neighborhood in Chicago, I saw a Chinese girl being reported as a prostitute in a community crime newspaper. Out of curiosity and sympathy, I began to search for her. Instead of uncovering the truth, I was puzzled by the conflicting opinions, a total reversal of perspectives, and mystery stacked upon mystery. The search led to a reflection on social class, segregation, and one’s sense of belonging.

Official Selection
CineCina Film Festival

Exhibition / Screening
Strata of Time as a System of Perception
Taipei, 2022

A Myriad of Rooms,
原色艺术空间,Shanghai, CN,2021

Bei Xin Qiao Screening
Aotu Space, Beijing, CN, 2020

Urban Revival Feiteng Youth Festival,
Xi’an Steel Factory Art Zone, Xi’an, CN,2019

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